About Me

I am a creative photographer & designer

I connect with people through photography.

I am Neelam Vyas, an Engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. Multiple hours of professional photographic training, focussed self study and best of all, years of photographing newborns, children, families, and maternity have made me the photographer I am today.
I first discovered my love for photography upon the birth of my second child when I just wanted to “capture the memories”. As I photographed my child’s glorious smiles and wrinkly expressions, his increasing curiosity with our world, and his delightful discoveries, I realized photographing these moments was my passion. I realized that the result, the actual photographs, are a timeless gift of wonderful memories that we can make for ourselves and our children.
Today, I pursue photography professionally. As a parent myself, I love to capture the bond, the most meaningful moments, what the parents feel for their child and the child’s reciprocation and delight in the most natural way. I’ve got the best of camera and lens and am confidently creative with props. I’m skilled at posing and lighting. Take a look through my photo gallery to see what I can do for you and your family.


Like any other parent you would want your newborn to be handled by care. Making photographs look good might seem easy but that might not be the truth. Newborns being delicate need extra care every second. Here’s something through which I can assure you that your baby is safe hands.

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