Sitter Photography

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Your baby is finally starting to sit! It is such a joyful thing to see your baby grow and go one step ahead, cross one more milestone. Every parent can understand the special feeling; the feeling of seeing your baby learn another new thing! The baby now becomes more active and interacts more and more with you. It is just the start of the baby’s mischievousness and fun. Capture these days to remember for a lifetime how you have been a part of your baby’s growing moments and how he/she has been on a ride of life, learning newer things and enjoying them.
Get the joy, the laughter, the innocence and the heart-melting mischief captured of your baby!


What is the cost of a session?

Send me an email on info@neelamvyasphotography and I shall get back to you.

Where will the photography session be taken?

The photography session will be taken at my home studio as well as home garden.

Do you travel to other locations for photography sessions?

Yes, I do travel to other locations for photo shoots but with additional cost.

Which outdoor location do you take photoshoots in?

There is beautiful garden near my home studio, where I mostly shoot outdoors. If you have special requirements or any wish, let me know. We can work if feasible. 🙂

When will the photographs be ready?

The photographs will be ready within 2-3 weeks after the session.


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