Newborn baby photoshoot during Covid-19 – everything you should know

Do you also want to get the photoshoot done but are you afraid of the COVID-19 Pandemic? You are scared and want to go ahead? Then you don’t have to worry, because I provide the utmost care to my clients. Let’s have a look at the safety measures, which I am taking:

1. Contactless Photography
I will not be touching any of your things. I will maintain an adequate distance. So that there’s minimal risk of the spread of COVID-19. Hence, while you will be posing I won’t be touching you and will only tell you orally.

2. Wear a mask and sanitize hands
During the photoshoot. I will make sure that I wear a mask all the time and keep on sanitizing my hands. So that we can stay safe from Covid-19. I will sanitize all my equipment from the camera to lenses. I will sanitize everything.

3. Bring your outfit
To minimize the risk of Covid-19. I would prefer you to get your costumes and outfit. So, there’s less risk of Covid-19. You can wear any nice outfit in which you want to get your photoshoot done.

4. Symptoms
If anyone is having any symptoms of Covid-19, then please get in touch to reschedule the photoshoot and If I get the symptoms of Covid-19 then I will reschedule all the photoshoot dates, keeping in mind the safety of the clients.

I will give my 100% to get the photoshoot done with full safety. Keeping Covid-19 situation in mind. My client’s safety will be my utmost priority. I will do everything that is possible to protect my clients from the virus. Here I will follow certain rules to make sure that there is minimal contact between the client’s . I just want to make my clients as comfortable as possible while getting a newborn baby photoshoot done.

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