How To Calm Your Fussy Baby During A Photoshoot

Being a newborn photographer can be challenging but is rewarding because I get to work with cute little newborn babies. Out of all the things my main focus is the comfort, safety, and well being of the main star of the session and creating a wonderful memory that you can remember. 


To create a wonderful memory your baby has to be in a good mood. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your baby is in a good mood and how you can calm your little one when they start tearing up or get fussy. 


Rock the baby

If your baby gets fussy one way to calm them is by rocking them slowly and gently. Rocking your baby gently will calm them down and it can help them fall asleep faster. You can also sing to your baby while rocking them. The baby will feel calm and soothed. Another benefit of rocking your baby is that it can help with their digestion or gas.

Play white noise

White noise can help in drowning out loud, disruptive, sudden, or other background noises. 


Babies like white noise. They have been in their mother’s womb for months listening to their mother’s internal sounds like the rhythmic heartbeats, blood flowing, food digesting, etc. Playing white noise can help the baby block out the background noises and calm down. 


There are white noise apps available in app stores. There are special white noise apps for babies too.

Feeding your baby

Sometimes babies start crying during a photoshoot session because they are hungry. That’s why they always bring extra baby food or snacks for them. If needed you can also breastfeed your baby here. 


If you feed your baby before coming for the photoshoot session they will be less likely to be hungry. You can even feed and burp them a few mins before the session. They will be full, happy, and all ready for their photoshoot.

Sing to your baby

The soothing voice of the baby’s parent singing to them has a way of calming them down. 


Singing has a positive and calming effect on a baby. It helps them calm their heartbeat and breathing. It helps them sleep well. Singing also helps them bond with the adult.  


If your baby starts making a fuss or crying mid photoshoot you can gently rock them and sing to them in a soothing voice to calm them down.

Massaging your baby 

A gentle massage can soothe your baby. It can make them feel relaxed and drift them off to sleep. You gently rub their chest, tummy, or their back to make them feel relaxed. 

Bring your baby’s favorite items

Babies feel happier and safer being around things they like. It could be their favorite toy or their favorite blanket. So while going for a photoshoot you should bring along your baby’s favorite things. Maybe being around it might calm them down.


Wrapping up

These are some ways you can keep your baby calm during a photoshoot. There are more things that you can do to calm them down. You can wrap them firmly in a soft blanket, scarf, or towel, or just hold them closer to you. Sometimes all a baby needs is the warmth and loving embrace of their parents. 


Dressing Tips For Your Baby’s Photoshoot

A baby’s photoshoot is a memorable moment and it is something that you will be cherished for years to come. So you want your baby to look his/her best. 


Choosing an outfit for a baby can be hard because they look cute in almost everything. To make it easier I will give you some dressing tips for your baby’s photoshoot. Here are some dressing tips for your baby’s photoshoot. These dressing tips can help your baby’s photoshoot be memorable.


Dressing Tips To Make Your Baby’s Photoshoot Memorable


Preparation For Photoshoot

  • Always come prepared beforehand for your baby’s photoshoot. Bring props, outfits, hats, blankets, and other things your baby may need for the photoshoot. You can ask the photographer what you need to bring for the photoshoot. But most baby photographers will have all the props and outfits needed for the photoshoot. I myself have props and outfits ready for a baby’s photoshoot session.
  • It goes without saying that you should bring extra diapers and wipes just in case your baby needs a change of diaper or makes a mess. 
  • The main priority should be the comfort of the baby. Whatever the outfit is, the baby should feel comfortable in it. 


For Newborn Babies

  • If it is a newborn, you can let them be naked.
  • They can be partially naked with bloomers, a skirt, or shorts. 
  • You can lie them down and cover them with a soft blanket or scarf. 
  • You can swaddle the newborn baby in a soft blanket or scarf. Newborns feel comfortable swaddled in a soft blanket or scarf.


For Babies

  • Your baby will look cute in just ties, hats, hair bands, boots, glasses, or other accessories. 
  • For fully clothed you can put them in a romper or a two-piece. 
  • For footwear, it’s best to leave them barefoot. But if you have to, go for soft shoes, socks, or baby booties. 
  • You can use props to make a creative photoshoot. For example, you can put them in a basket naked, partially clothed, covered with a blanket or scarf.
  • You can do a themed photoshoot like Harry Potter, fairy tale, superhero, Disney, or other themes. You can check out my other article for photoshoot theme ideas. 
  • You can dress your little angel as a literal angel by putting little wings on them.
  • For color schemes go for neutral color schemes like white, black, gray, beige, ivory, or undertones of other colors.
  • If you want to try other color schemes try seasonal color schemes. For example for winter go with a cool color scheme. Maybe light blue, lavender, purple, bright red, or white. 


For Parents And Siblings

  • If you, your partner, or the sibling is going to be in the photoshoot session then you should coordinate and decide on a color theme like white, black, blue, pink, or any other color theme. 
  • Don’t wear printed clothes, it can be distracting. Remember the baby is the star of the photoshoot.
  • Don’t wear clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that can make your baby uncomfortable while holding them.
  • There is no need for shoes. You can go barefoot, especially if it’s indoors.
  • If you want to look slim black or darker shades of other colors can help.


Hopefully, these tips can help your baby’s photoshoot be memorable. 


If you want to capture a wonderful memory with your baby you can contact me.


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