• Only children and their parents are allowed at the studio.
  • Temperature and oxygen levels are checked on arrival at the studio.
  • Footwear shall be removed outside the studio.
  • Social distancing should be maintained mandatorily throughout the session.
  • Due to the COVID situation, refreshments won't be served. You are welcome to bring your own.
  • Water is available at the studio in sanitized water bottles.
  • All the consultation on the Photo session will be done over the phone only.
  • Avoid handling or touching anything during the photo session which is not necessary.
  • Sanitizing yourself is necessary before having a look at our product collection.
  • If anyone from the family feels unwell or has COVID-19 symptoms, consider canceling or rescheduling the session to avoid putting yourself or anyone else at risk.


  • We keep a minimum of 48 hours of difference between the shoots.
  • Our staff follows all the sanitization procedures, like wearing masks and washing hands regularly with soap and water.
  • All the props and the studio itself is sanitized before and after each session.
  • A safe distance is maintained (1 meter or more) as much as possible throughout the shoot.
  • The studio will be well ventilated, and also the AC will be off at all times.

Ready to shoot? Still curious? We’re more than happy to help you!

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